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We teach you through Whatsapp which makes it easy for you to learn along with your daily works.

Practice speaking English with our well experienced and friendly language experts over the phone every single day.

We have a number of experienced soft skill trainers who can help you improve your skills.

Learn English through Whatsapp

Here we present before you some of the most effective ways to learn English. Jinas Thadayil, CEO of English House, a well-established Orator and a Communicative English Trainer presents before you Whatsapp English Learning Course provided by English House. He gives a description of how a person acquires a language and also the different levels of learning programs available in English House
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How It Works?


Initially, each student will have to take a level test in order to have a general assessment of their Language proficiency. Based on the test results, they will be assigned to the concerned levels as per their language requirement.


The students are then let free to decide on whether to join or not. The students will be provided with demo classes to collect more information regarding the course syllabus and online classes. Once they have made the decision, they can proceed with the payment and start the classes as early as possible.


Once the classes begin, the students should make sure that they attend all the activities on a regular basis. The classes will be online via whatsapp and therefore the students can join the activities as per the convenience of the students. Their improvement and proficiency solely depends on their participation in the activities. Each student will be assigned with personal trainers and the activities will be focusing on speaking, listening and reading skills

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Available Courses

We don't train all students alike, we provide special attention and result oriented training after segregating them to any of these three batches based on the level of proficiency they have in the language

Feel free to WhatsApp us for more information

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Popular Online Videos

We believe in giving value to people without expecting anything back. You can watch our content packed videos here
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The Best Tutors in Town

Instead of spending huge money on advertising, we have invested in the quality of our service by hiring the best language experts and mentors. Get to know more about our main trainers here

Language Trainer

Specialized in training beginner language learners

Language Trainer

British and American Accent specialist.

Soft Skill Trainer

Specialized in soft skill training.

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What our Students have to say

Myself Ponny from Kochi. I joined for third level . Mitula was my trainer. She speaks English very fluently so when I speak with her I could improve my fluency . Moreover I got some new words & phrases from her . Thanks to English house and my trainer.

Ponny T Vasudevan

I am Rajeesh, a student of English House for the past few months. I have done my basic level and advance level course at English House. I received lot of benefits after joining English house. I am thankful to the whole English House members for giving me a trainer like Mis. Mithula. Mithula madam’s training classes were very helpful for me and for the same reason I decided to join again for another month. She is always ready to clear my mistakes and doubts in English speaking. She always give attention on developing the vocabulary and accent of her students. As a student I am very happy and blessed for joining English house and for getting a trainer like Mithula. Advanced level classes will help you improve your fluency, pronunciation and style of speaking to a very great extend. I highly recommend English House to all those aspiring people out there who don't have time for offline classes.

Rajeesh Kumar

It's very effective. You can attend classes at any time. Excellent teachers and interesting activities.

Shiju Varghese P

I have joined the course nearly one week before. Every single class gave me more confidence. I really liked your class and the method of teaching really influenced me. The calling activity is so good. I must say after that I gained more confident than before. Thanks to English House

Helna Martha

Superb, This course is very effective for me. I am satisfied with the class. WhatsApp course is more effective than direct course, I will give 5 out of 5 in this course.

Joji Jiju Mangalathu

Every class gave me more confident to talk English. Now I can talk and it definitely increased my confident level. Amazing class. Thank you..

Krishna Ganesh Simi

I am very happy to say that , this is very useful for me and I think others also will help from this courses. Your method of teaching is very impressive. 3 months ago, I joined an other english training institute in Ernakulam, but I couldn't improve anything from that institute. So I decided to discontinue from that institute. After a month I noticed an advertisement in Facebook. Then I searched your fb page and watched some videos. After that I decided to join your online class. In the beginning, I was very confused about online class. How to attend, how to study. But now, I am very confident to say that I improved my language, because of your way of teaching and support. And I also thank your wonderful trainers . Their support and caring is very impressive. Once again I am very thankful to you and your team. Thank you so much. Stay blessed, may god bless you and your team.

Libin K Varghese

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