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English – Window of the World

The English language is the window of the world, it was said by none other than our dear leader Jawahar Lal Nehru. Even before independence itself in India, the language English has been prominent and it is obviously because of the influence of British people who ruled then. The schools they built had high standards of teaching and everyone learned English then itself. But after independence when it was our choice to learn them or not our leaders made it a point that everyone learns it as it is something which will help us outside India and it will be an easy medium to communicate to people who have other regional languages as India is known to be a country with so many cultures and languages. Even now it has significance as English has become the global language and we are able to communicate using English as a medium to the people who are from different countries.

Those who aren’t fluent in English have many options to get trained in spoken English as it will be helpful for them when they step out from their hometown in search of jobs and to build a good career. English house is one such institute who help you to improve your spoken English skills and build confidence in you to face the world. We are known to be one of the Best Spoken English Institutes in Calicut because of the excellent results that we convey through our students. We have classes according to the convenience of our students because that includes working people, students, and even housewives. We also offer personal training so that you can get special assistance and learn the language quickly. At the English house, you will also get your soft skills improved which will help you in your career later.

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