Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I attend the classes at any time during a day?
2. What is the duration of the course?

Duration depends upon the course you select. For basic and intermediate level course, the duration will be 2 months. If it’s advanced level, the duration will be 1 month.

3. Will I get refund if I’m not satisfied with the classes?

Of course, if you aren’t happy or comfortable with the classes, you’ll definitely get a refund. (Conditions apply*)

4. Will I get personal trainers to interact with? How can I interact with my personal trainer?

Of course, you’ll be assigned with personal trainers for correcting your homeworks and grammar and to interact with you through voice chatting and calling. Your Personal Trainers will evaluate your performance and give feedbacks. Their duty is to keep you motivated and enthusiastic during the course.

5. I have a lot of confusions in grammar, will you be providing grammar classes?
6. Do you conduct periodical tests?

Of course, you’ll have periodical tests; Telephonic and written.

7. Do you have a physical location? Can I visit the company?

Of course, we do have a physical location. It’s located in Calicut, Hilite Business Park, 5th floor. You are always welcome to our campus, visit our entire system and interact with our trainers.

8. Do you provide materials for listening?

Of course, we will be providing materials for reading and vocabulary. You can use them effectively for improving your skills.

9. What are the procedures to apply for a course?
10. Can I read the reviews or testimonials of the older students?

Yes, of course, we have more than 100 reviews in our Facebook page at the moment. You can read the reviews here — Google Reviews

11. How many trainers do you have?

We are a team of 200+ experienced language trainers.

12. What are the qualifications of your trainers?

Most of our trainers are certified by British council and have more than 5 years of experience in English language and soft skill training field.

14. Can I shift to second level if I find the classes in basic level too easy ? And vice versa?

Of course, you can do that if you feel the classes are very easy and vice-versa.